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Welcome! This is the Fandom wiki for Ravenfield, a highly customizable FPS game created by Swedish programmer Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel. The Ravenfield Wiki is home to dozens of articles detailing game-related information, such as weapons, vehicles, and more.

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SUPER4geditTANK SUPER4geditTANK 28 November 2020

Main Page Overhaul & Redirect Deletion

Hello All:

There are two major announcements I'd like to make.

Firstly, the Main Page (page you see when you visit the wiki) has been overhauled. Now it contains a simple Navigation Box for categories …

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SUPER4geditTANK SUPER4geditTANK 15 November 2020

Ravenfield Wiki Discord is out!

Recently, we launched the new Ravenfield Wiki Discord to let you reach out to admins more quickly and keep up to date with the latest wiki news!

You can join us using the Discord widget of your sideba…

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